Download Jason Holstrom’s New Single “Bonfire”

This week we reviewed Jason Holstrom’s new album Tonight Sky (check out what we had to say here ). For a little treat during this unusual cold snap, the artist has offered up his track “Bonfire” for free download (and something to thaw out your frostbitten ears) exclusively through Reverb. Well, thanks, dude! Here’s what he had to say about the track, and here’s hoping the cozy glow of “Bonfire” keeps you warm this weekend: “Bonfire is one snapshot from the stargazing collage of an album, Tonight Sky. Despite its spacey sonics, the track is one of few from a terrestrial perspective. The observer finding his endless gaze upon the day’s-end setting sun and the embers of the evening bonfire glowing deep into the night. These moments, fleeting, invite him to play deep into the seemingly infinite orange glow. We hope for future brighter days and to remain in the light, we want these sunburnt fireside songs to never end: Infinite light, infinite bonfire, infinite sunset.”

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