New Kairos Track "Undermine" Perfect For Our Potenital Snow Day

If predictions saying it might snow later today hold true—this new track from Kairos might be the perfect song to watch the flakes fall.

"Undermine" is a lovely billowing snowdrift of a song, full of trickling guitar that sounds like percolating coffee and percussion like clattering tree branches against your window. Lena Simon's long, drawn out breaths and hushed, sing-songy vocals even sound like the winter wind blowing through a powdery field.

Kairos, the solo project from Simon (also of Pollens and Pillar Point), killed it in October with "That Which Does Not," and looks poised to continue the excellent tuneage. Check them out tomorrow at Fin Record's Three Year Anniversary show at Conor Byrne with Low Hums, Seacats and Tangerine.

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