UW Study Predicts ‘Potentially Devastating’ Landslides In Powerful Earthquake

If your Monday has thus far been short on apocalyptic fear, Seattle Times science reporter Sandi Doughton and a new study from the University of Washington have you covered.

Specifically, the UW’s new study, which Doughton uses as the basis for her article in today’s paper, looks at the potential impacts of a major earthquake in Seattle and the landslides that would likely ensue.

According to the Times:

A powerful earthquake on the fault that slices under the city’s heart could trigger more than 30,000 landslides if it strikes when the ground is saturated, the analysis finds. More than 10,000 buildings, many of them upscale homes with water views, sit in areas at high risk of landslide damage in such a worst-case scenario.

“Our results indicate that landsliding triggered by a large Seattle fault earthquake will be extensive and potentially devastating,” says the report published this month in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.

Well, at least that only happens if the ground in Seattle is saturated.

Oh wait ...

You can check out the full UW study here, and Doughton’s great write-up here.

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