Neumos Receives Glorious Pabst Blue Ribbon Award For Highest Washington State Can Sales

The Capitol Hill Venue and Bar Also Ranked #55 in the Nation.

Above: Andrew Greene, Moe Bar and Neumos bar manager, admires his award like the proud father of a newborn child.

"To be honest man," Andrew Greene says in his Alabama drawl, stroking the award in his hands, "When I found out—I felt real good. I thought to myself, 'Hell yeah. We sell Pabst, and we sell it damn good."

Indeed, Capitol Hill concert venue Neumos and attached drinking establishment Moe Bar found out late last week just how good they sell Pabst—the best in the state. Pabst Blue Ribbon delivered one of the coveted "Top PBR Volume Account" awards to the venue to the surprise of bar manager Greene, informing him that Neumos had ranked #55 in national PBR sales last year.

Below is the cold, hard data on just how much PBR Neumos and Moe Bar hawked to Seattle's thirsty denizens last year:

"I knew we were selling a lot, but I didn't know it was that much," Greene says. "God. So awesome."

Part of the reason Neumos sold so many cans is the fact that they don't sell PBR on draft. Technically, Rudy's Pizzeria in Bellingham sold the most PBR in Washington last year, but they did so by selling kegs and flats offsite to Western Washington University students.

"I mean, I don't think that really counts," Greene says. "As far as selling cans, on-site, we are definitely the best."

Greene informed me that there are spots on the PBR award to attach tags for future winning years, in the style of collegiate sports pennants. "You bet we'll be gunning for those," Greene says.

In the meantime, Greene will be figuring out how to drill a hole in Moe Bar's brick wall to hang the award up. He says he already has a spot picked out.

Congrats Neumos, we couldn't be prouder.

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