Tunesday: Grohl's 45th, Sub Pop's New Band, Verdoes Goes Solo, Helms Alee & Lego Nirvana

Before we begin this week's Tunesday NW music news roundup, let us wish a hearty Happy Birthday to Dave Grohl, who turns 45 today. We hear 45 is the age that brings out the best, the best, the best, the best, the best, the best, the best, the best, the best, the best, the best, the best, the best of you. Keep Grohlin' on, Dave!

Sub Pop Signs A New Band

Last Friday, ​Alabama's Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires ​became Sub Pop's newest signees. In the announcement, Sub Pop writes they are "as stoked as Shaun White bringing home a gold medal for schralpin' the pow, or whatever," about the signing. The band specializes in Southern-fried rock and roll, not dissimilar to its 2012 tourmates, The Alabama Shakes.

​Benjamin Verdoes Releases The Evil Eye

Former Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band'er and current Iska Dhaaf'er Benjamin Verdoes released his first solo album today, ​The Evil Eye​.

According to Verdoes, "The Evil Eye is a record I made for a beautiful person. It is a rebuttal to those seemingly powerful forces that tell you what you can and cannot do–the eyes that watch carelessly and tongues that move thoughtlessly in an attempt to describe and limit something that is spiritual and perfect. It is a love story."

Tonight, Verdoes is playing at the Tractor Tavern for record's release show, so if you like love stories and rebuttals to powerful forces, or the Soundcloud stream above, make your way down.

​Helms Alee Share New Track "Pleasure Center"

Helms Alee gave us the uber-heavy "Tumescene" in November, and now the band has revealed the second track from its upcoming record, "Pleasure Center," which is equally, if not ​more​ gut-rattling. The band's Sargent House LP, ​Sleepwalking Sailors​, is due out February 11.

​Nirvana's ​Bleach​ Album Cover Recreated With Legos

Courtesy It looks better if you stand back from the screen a bit.

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