Anacortes High Honors Alumni in Seattle Band Cumulus by Lip Syncing “Do You Remember?”

These lip sync videos that kids are making these days aren’t all that remarkable.

The videos—in which a number of high school students run around their school singing along to a favorite song while throwing confetti and generally acting like they are invincible beams of sunshine—have become common enough that a website called The Premise has turned the meme into a competition, asking schools to submit their own sing-alongs for a chance to win $1000.

What is remarkable is this one particular video made for that competition by Anacortes High School. What’s so great about it? Well ...

First, the song is “Do You Remember?” by Cumulus, which actually includes the line, “Do you remember when young meant invincible?” These kids have no idea, but watching them sing those words while bouncing around their high school it was impossible for an oldish guy like me not to remember feeling young and invincible. And when those kids get older, this video is going to stand as one of the most poignant things that they ever did as individuals and certainly as a collective. This video will be replayed at reunions in Anacortes each five years and it will become more and more meaningful with every viewing.

The second great thing about this video is that two of the members of Cumulus are actually AHS alum, which has got to be some sort of weird dream come true for them. You have to imagine that Alexandra Niedzialkowski thought about those very hallways when she was penning this song.

The third great thing about this video is the payoff at the end, which you will just have to watch the video to see. And then go vote for these kids. They deserver that $1000 for making me cry.

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