'ASK' Gun Safety Advocacy Group to Launch Bus Campaign in Seattle

“We have to start a revolution,” Ralph Fascitelli, president of Washington Ceasefire said at a packed Café Paloma today. “Gun owners do not ensure the safety of their home.”

A coalition of gun control advocates announced its ASK (Asking Saves Kids) program today, which is “aimed at encouraging inquiry by parents and neighbors about guns in homes where their children play.” We wrote about it here.

Today's press conference didn't bring too much new to light beyond the scope of the campaign—Fascitelli said its budget was in the "hundreds of thousands of dollars" and that March will bring lots and lots of king-sized metro bus ads for ASK that will run throughout 2014.

That didn't go over so well last year in Snohomish and Pierce County, where previous Ceasefire ads were turned down for buses. In 2012, King Country bus ads for Ceasefire also drew the ire of 2nd amendment enthusiasts, who cited it as a breach of King County Metro ad policy dictating that ads be "viewpoint neutral."

Councilmember Tim Burgess made it clear that ASK had King County's support. During his speech Burgess supported ASK and its charge to "get the facts" to parents about guns, and mentioned an County funded gun study currently underway.

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