So Many New NW Music Videos: Rose Windows, Chastity Belt, Lemolo, Chad Vanagaalen

This week, all of the bands in the Northwest decided to make brand spankin' new music videos. Grab some popcorn and let's get right into it:


Oftentimes "Lyric Videos" are placeholders—a way for a band to pimp a new song without having to put out a full blown music video. Usually, a lyric video consists of the words to a song appearing on top of some blah clips of the city or the mountains or an iPhone.

But Sub Pop's Rose Windows flipped the bird to all those half-assed lyric videos and showed everyone how it's done—by freaking out for 6 minutes in front of green screen footage of trippy 60s animation in this strangely hypnotic clip.


Chastity Belt, the smirking posterladies of Help Yourself Records and recently announced Sasquatchers, just put out this black and white video for No Regert's track "Full."

In the clip, the band communes with the woods, takes a nap, lights some torches, cries, and may or may not eat a frog that they find crawling in their hair, thereby making this the most French thing the band has ever done. The band is in the middle of booking a European tour right now, so things will probably only get more French from here.


It's not a Dido cover, it's new Lemolo! Megan Grandall returns with the first new music since 2012's Kaleidoscope—a demo version of an ethereal piano driven song called "White Flag." The video was shot up at Mount Seattle Seahawks, recently renamed Mount Rainier by the state senate.


No, he's not from Seattle, but he's on Sub Pop and he's Canadian, so that basically makes him from here. Chad VanGaalen just released a wonderful new track "Where Are You?" from his upcoming Diaper Island follow up, Shrink Dust, due out April 19th. Check out the melty, morphy, alien filled animated video above, and get stoked for this guy's Sasquatch show this summer.

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