Shirley Temple Died Last Night—Did You Know Her Daughter Played Bass in Melvins?

Above: Lori Black playing with Melvins in Seattle in 1989

At the ripe age of 85, America's "Animal Crackers In My Soup" sweetheart, Shirley Temple, passed away late last night from natural causes.

But did you know that Shirley Temple's daughter, Lori Black, played bass for Montesano, WA's sludge metal forefathers, Melvins?

Between the years of 1987 and 1991, Lori "Lorax" Black, as she was called back then, did indeed play in Kurt Cobain's favorite band. She is featured on three Melvins albums: Ozma, Bullhead, and Houdini. Apparently, she also dated Buzz Osbourne, the band's floppy haired front man.

Matt Lukin, who left Melvins on bad terms to later join Mudhoney, said Temple's daughter "was awesome. Just a cool, fun chick who was into cartoons and The Munsters." After Black and Osbourne started dating, she replaced Lukin on bass.

Below, offered as irrefutable proof that I'm not messing with you, is a picture of Lori Black with Melvins and Kurt Cobain.

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