Check Out Aberdeen's New Creepy, Christlike Kurt Cobain Statue

Oh dear.

Aberdeen, in a quest to "be as big as Graceland," according to the awkward King 5 report, busted out a really, really uncomfortable looking Kurt Cobain statue for the Nirvana frontman's birthday yesterday. It features Cobain, pants ripped and guitar in hand, shedding a single, Christlike tear.

It's very unnerving to look at.

Cobain, who was born and raised in the Grays Harbor County town of Aberdeen, referenced sleeping under the town bridge over the Wishkah River in "Something In The Way" off of Nevermind. He also didn't like Aberdeen very much.

In Everett True's Nirvana: The Biography, Cobain is quoted saying that his hometown of Aberdeen was like "Twin Peaks without the excitement." Well, this new statue might be more weird than Twin Peaks.

Check out the King 5 video above, where anchorman Dennis Bounds introduces Cobain as a "well known heroin addict who shot himself nearly 20 years ago." Don't miss the kids at the end playing a bass with a Monster Energy Drink sticker on it.

Also, as Neil over on Twitter points out, Aberdeen may have mistakenly made a Boromir statue.

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