Macklemore Voices Support for Uber In Seattle's Rideshare Debate

This Thursday, Seattle City Council will vote to determine whether or not an ordinace will be set in place to cap the number of rideshare vehicles companies like Uber and Lyft can operate in Seattle at 300. Last year, when we first took a look at the increasingly tenuous issue, Macklemore was still hanging out on top of Dick's and riding his Cadillac down Broadway.

Almost a year later, Macklmore might as well slap a pink moustache on that Cadillac. Today, the local rapper made public his support for rideshare - in particular, Uber - public on his Twitter.

Macklemore also posted a photo on his Facebook urging Seattleites to save Uber.

According to Geekwire, Macklemore was not paid to rep Uber, and is doing it solely from the bottom of his ridesharing heart.

Interesting side note: Last November, Macklemore also became a spokesman for the ACLU.

With all this political advocacy, is a Haggerty/Lewis 2016 presidential ticket in the works? Probably not.

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