Listen to Soulja Boy's New Song 'Macklemore'—It's About Being As Rich As Macklemore

In between all the Supermanning that Soulja Boy has been doing since 2007, he's also been making a lot of money. "Macklemore," a track off the new mixtape he dropped this week, King Soulja 2, reminds us of how much money Soulja Boy has been making by using local pop star Macklemore as a benchmark for financial success:

"I'm getting money like I'm Macklemore,
I got a lot of money it's coming through the door,
I got Louis V and I got Michael Kors,
I'm getting money like I'm Macklemore.

I'm getting bands like I'm Barack Obama,
I done had the game locked for like six summers,
I got a dirty gun in that hummer,
And your girl want me to ask for her number,
I'm getting money like I'm Macklemore,
Got a lot of cash and it's coming through the door."

In case you were wondering, "getting money like Macklemore" means roughly $16 million.

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