Chimurenga Renaissance's Visual Album, Debacle Fest Lineup, 'Squatch Headliners Reschedule

Chimurenga Renaissance's Visual Album is a Tripped Out Tour of Zimbabwe

Tendai "Baba" Maraire, better known to many as one-half of Sub Pop's avant-rap group Shabazz Palaces, is releasing his incredible new album riZe vadZimu riZe on Brick Lane Records today under the guise of his other project, Chimurenga Renaissance. We'll tell you more about about it in tomorrow's paper, but in the meantime, enjoy Maraire's "visual album" stream below, which will take you through the heart of his native Zimbabwe as all sort of strange, colorful special effects morph and glimmer at you. Those sure are some healthy lookin' zebras, turtles and lions.

Debacle Fest Announces Lineup

Seattle's heroic experimental record label Debacle, home to artists like Garek Druss, Black Hat, and King Tears Bat Trip, has announced the lineup for Debacle Fest 2014, slated for May 30-31 at Cairo, Black Lodge, Lo-Fi and Victory Lounge. The lineup is stacked with fantastic sonic weirdos, and will feature a daytime "record label fair, sharing the limelight with our fellow purveyors of underground sounds. From Noon to Five at the Black Lodge eager music seekers can pick up wares from the likes of Medical Records, Translinguistic Other, Eiderdown, and Hanged Man, to name but a few, with DJs and a live performance."

Check out the lineup below:
Total Life
Danny Paul Grody
Golden Retriever
Sutekh Hexen
Common Eider, King Eider
Black Hat
Gabriel Mindel Saloman (ex-Yellow Swans)
Spectrum Control (Dewey Mahood of Plankton Wat/Eternal Tapestry)
Gordon Ashworth (ex-Concern, Oscillating Innards)
Secret Pyramid
Dull Knife
Garek Druss (Story of Rats, Dull Knife)
Brain Fruit
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer
Dialing In
LIMITS (Jason Anderson of Draft/Gift Tapes)
King Tears Bat Trip
L.A. Lungs
New Weather
Pink Void
RM Francis
Timm Mason (Mood Organ, Midday Veil)
Ecstatic Cosmic Union
Marcus Price
Chris Davis (Brain Fruit)
Slow Drips

Sasquatch July 4th Headliners Reschedule

In light of the bummer-inducing news last week that Sasquatch 2 was cancelled, headliners and electro-new-wave gods Kraftwerk and New Order have announced makeup dates. Kraftwerk will be playing the Paramount Theater on July 1st, and New Order will follow suit at the Paramount on July 6.

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