Someone Made An Insanely Thorough Interactive List of Every Song KEXP Played in 2013

Above: KEXP's most played song of 2013

A programmer named Jewel Loree, who specializes in "computer data visualization," got bored yesterday and decided to make this incredibly detailed interactive list of all the songs local listener powered radio station 90.3 KEXP played in 2013. Mining all of the radio station's meticulously organized chart data, Loree catalogued all of the tracks so you can see "what music matters most" at KEXP, where "the music matters most." See what she did there?

You can sort the list by the DJ who played it, artist, album and song, and see what time of day and artist gets the most plays. "Apparently 12am on Thursday is a really good time to hear some David Bowie," Loree deduces.

Telekinesis' "Ghost and Creatures" won out as KEXP's most played song, while Arcade Fire took the top spot as most played artist. All in all, while indie staples like The National and Foals tend to win out, the list proves that KEXP makes good on their promise to keep things local. Rose Windows, Cave Singers and Pickwick all crack top charting on the interactive list, with many more local bands clocking in at respectable figures.

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