Tunesday: Vox Mod's Space-Time Warping New Animated Music Video, Chinook Fest Lineup

Vox Mod's Cosmic Cartoon "Flight of Fancy" Will Take You to Other Universes

Last week we chatted with local electo-savant Vox Mod about his Giger/Akira inspired animation and his metaphysical proclivities. "Sometimes I think I should have been an astro-physicist," he told us.

After much pondering about the vastness and intricacy of our universe, Vox Mod is ready to debut his newest space-doodle opus, "Flight of Fancy," one of his most involved and impressive music videos yet. Using rotoscoping techniques, guest vocalist Irene Barbaric of XVIII Individual Eyes is turned into a floating, morphing head who guides you through colorful, warping space-time as the single from Mod's upcoming new album The Great Oscillator bumps in the background. Check out the premiere of the next-level video below.

Chinook Fest Releases Lineup

Up top is the newly announced lineup for Naches, WA's Chinook Fest, which this year will feature local heavy hitters like Pickwick and Hobosexual. If the lineup tickles your fancy, head to

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