Twenty GIFS of Humans (and one Zebra) at Sasquatch Being Really Weird

 photo ZebraPee_zps7d7650cb.gif

Above: Waiting in line to take a leak while wearing a zebra suit in 70 degree heat can feel like an eternity.

Sasquatch is full of freaks and weirdos who love moving around in strange ways.

Bizarre hordes of humans wearing shiny capes, Pikachu costumes and chef hats all wander around a dusty hole in the Earth for one weekend and wiggle drunkenly to the sounds of rock bands and rappers. Sometimes, they just stand in a field and dance to the sound of nothing at all, talking gibberish to themselves.

The following is the most complete anthropological documentation of this phenomenon to date. Never stop wiggling, Sasquatch.

 photo LizardMan_zps74ad731e.gif

 photo Pineapple_zps5900fa51.gif

 photo Smile_zpsd51d521f.gif

 photo SexyChef_zps38984613.gif

 photo Headstand_zps84bec107.gif

 photo Pikachu_zpsacecb78a.gif

 photo CapeRaver_zpsec194ba3.gif

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