Live Tonight: Pete Yorn, Animal Collective DJ Set, Lady Gaga

Pete Yorn has gained most notoriety recently for his partnerships—including Break Up, his overrated 2009 album with Scarlett Johannsen, and last year’s underrated album with fellow L.A. songwriter J.D. King, as the Olms. This tour, though, sees the veteran songwriter alone with a couple of acoustic guitars, reprising his You & Me series of acoustic shows in record stores back in 2006. What songs he’ll play is anyone’s guess. Yorn hasn’t released a solo album since 2010, and though he’s said he’s been boning up on his back catalog, he also has no idea what will come out once he hits the stage. It’s a little frightening, but definitely intriguing for those who recall the breakout release of “Life on a Chain” in 2001 and Yorn’s subsequent emergence as a more camera-friendly Jay Farrar. This is the perfect setting to revisit the songwriter, and perhaps an great setting for him to revisit his deeper talents. The Crocodile, 2200 Second Ave., 441-4618, 8 p.m. $35 adv. MARK BAUMGARTEN

“What does dj set mean?” wonders the sole commenter, Alex Rodriguez, on the Animal Collective DJ Set event page at It’s a good question—what does a DJ set look like by a group better known for its singular brand of experimental psych rock and explosive, freak-out vocals? For such a band, perhaps it’s better to ponder the mystery; in fact, we might all get used to the idea. In the past month alone, Lil Jon, Purity Ring, and Beat Connection have all rolled through town pimping DJ sets of their own, and tonight kicks not one but two nights behind the turntables for AC—that’s Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Deakin, and Geologist. But if you must know, Alex, we’ve learned that three-fourths of the band will be on hand (minus Panda Bear, who’s currently on a solo tour) and that they will indeed be spinning records. With Veins + DJ Explorateur. Neumos, 925 E. Pike St., 709-9442, 8 p.m. $10. Through Thurs. (8 p.m., SOLD OUT) GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT

Love or hate her, it’s hard to deny that Lady Gaga is captivating. Since releasing The Fame in 2008, she’s held the world’s attention with meat dresses, questionable collaborations, controversial keynotes, and even a male alter ego. With a seemingly endless supply of creativity—or is that don’t-give-a-fuck ’tude?—Gaga’s most unconventional concepts are surely still ahead of her. Key Arena, 305 Harrison St., 684-7200, 7:30 p.m. $42 and up. All ages. AZARIA C. PODPLESKY

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