Everett, WA Man One of Two Dead After Las Vegas EDM/Dubstep Festival

Over the weekend, the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas drew 400,000 neon humans out for a three day EDM/dubstep festival.

Unfortunately, things got a bit too electric, as the festival ultimately claimed two casualties. Montgomery Tsang, 25, of San Leandro, CA, and Anthony Anaya, 25, of Everett, WA, are both deceased for reasons that are as of yet unknown—pending an ongoing coroner investigation.

Anaya, who attended the festival, was found unconcious and unresponsive at Vdara, a nearby hotel, before later passing away. Tsang died after being transported to the hospital from a festival parking lot where had collapsed. All in all, 25 festival attendees were taken to the hospital.

This is the eighth casualty the festival has claimed since 2010, a year that claimed the life of a 15-year-old girl in attendance who overdosed on drugs. The 2010 festival, held in Los Angeles, resulted in 100 hospitalizations— half due to alcohol and drugs and half because of rowdy spectators who crashed the gates and stampeded victims. Since then, EDC incarnations in Dallas (2011) and Las Vegas (2012) have also claimed casualties.

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