Sound Off! 2015 Now Accepting Applications; The Gods Themselves Looking for Video Extras

EMP’s annual Sound Off! competition, which bills itself as “the Northwest’s Premier 21 & Under Battle of the Bands,” is currently accepting applications for its 2015 concerts, which will take place next February and March at the museum. Tell all the underage rockers you know (according to official rules, only groups and artists “21 and under,” limited to “Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia,”) to get up on this! So many great bands have participated over the fest’s 13 year history—The Lonely Forest, Kithkin, Tomten, Vox Mod, to name a few—and now’s the time for the best youth band you know to have the chance, too. The deadline to apply is Monday, November 3. Click here to link through to the Sound Off! 2015 application.

In other news, local band The God Themselves—a new group comprising Astra and Collin from Atomic Bride and Frankie from Autolike Strike—are seeking extras for an upcoming video shoot. Your motivation, according to the press release, “Free Beer! and an evening partying with The Gods ... Themselves.” Interested? Email Chris Estey at for the details.

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