The Musician's Life: Some Time With Tea Cozies

Following a bit of a hiatus, Tea Cozies, Seattle's enduring indie pop quartet, joinined many of their fellow Pacific Northwest brethren on stage at Timber Music Festival in Carnation, WA this weekend. The Cozies embody all that is good in Seattle's music scene through talent, passion, kindness, perseverence, and heart. While work, relationships, other projects, and even more work may pull them away from their love of music... they always manage to make their way back to it. I was lucky enough to be at the right place and time to capture the band hard at work.

Day One: Timber Music Festival performance
All photos by Morgen Schuler

Day Two: Practiceand video shoot for multi-media company The Art Dept.

Day Three: Packin' up and headin' home - polaroid edition

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