Live Tonight: Imelda May, Echo & the Bunnymen, Us The Duo

Irish singer/songwriter Imelda May has been a fan of rockabilly and blues since she found an Elvis Presley cassette in her brother’s room when she was 9, and she’s since developed the voice of a performer, with the requisite ’50s-style ’do, to prove it. Her upcoming album, Tribal, highlights her ability to blend a spunky rockabilly style with blue-eyed soul (“Little Pixie”) and with jazz (“Wicked Way”), also including a bit of punk-rock aggression. With Black Mambas. The Neptune, 1303 N.E. 45th St., 682-1414, 8 p.m. $21.50 adv./$25 DOS. All ages. AZARIA C. PODPLESKY

A handful of bands started in the ’80s with a brand of music that could make you want to dance and cry simultaneously, and Echo & the Bunnymen led the pack. Fronted by Ian McCulloch, its lush, psychedelic gloom-wave and songs like “Lips Like Sugar” and “Bring on the Dancing Horses” heightened the senses while channeling a sense of impending doom, like a post-rock version of the Doors. Despite a storied legacy, its 12th full-length release, Meteorites, is receiving mixed reviews. With Prom Queen. The Showbox, 1426 First Ave., 628-3151, 8:30 p.m. $29.50 adv./$32 DOS. GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT

Michael and Carissa Alvarado, aka Us The Duo, are so cute you wish you could just bottle them (or at least turn their act into a really catchy Internet meme). There’s something about the way their voices intertwine throughout their debut LP, No Matter Where You Are—particularly on “Make You Mine” and on the guitar and wordless-vocal track “Intro”—that will get you feeling upbeat. If driving, sticky-sweet acoustic pop is your thing, this is an act you’ll love. The Vera Project, 305 Harrison St., 956-8372, 7 p.m. SOLD OUT. All ages. BRIAN PALMER

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