Haims' Easy Nature and Killer Music Took Over Paramount Friday Night (PHOTOS)

The Haim sisters rocked out on stage. Photo by Anna Erickson

Some bands are just meant to perform live. Last Friday night, sister-band Haim and local group Tacocat took the stage at the Paramount Theater, each pouring out high energy rock all the while not taking itself too seriously.

The relationship between the three Haim sisters makes them particularly interesting to watch, every moment on stage filled with banter and laughing. Despite their matching, long flowing hair, each member has her own distinctive presence. Este Haim, notorious for her bass face, is more often the lead spokeswoman like the oldest sister she is. Danielle concentrates on her killer guitar solos and youngest sister Alana makes the crowd swoon over her charismatic gestures and mischievous glances. It's difficult not to fall hard for these ladies long before the last note of their performance fades out. Be sure to check out the entire slideshow here.

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