Thanks to Seattle Visual Artist Stacey Rozich, Goat's New Music Video Is a Magical Mindmelt

While the video itself might be a total psyched out trip-fest, nothing in the world makes more sense than the inevitable union of Seattle visual artist Stacey Rozich with Sweden's premiere "voodoo" psych band Goat. The band, which often performs wearing shamanic masks and robes, always looked like one of Rozich's paintings come to life anyhoo.

After earning accolades for its drum-and-shout rhythmic orgy of a debut album World Music, the band released its sophomore album Commune on Sub Pop last month. "Hide From the Sun" the group's amazing new music video, features the impeccable, primeval art and design of Rozich—a bizarre cinematic landscape somewhere between Holy Mountain and Where the Wild Things Are.

If you're unfamiliar with Rozich's art, you should familiarize yourself ASAP. Her world is full of horned beasts and forgotten gods generally being awesome and/or casually hangning out with each other. She won Cornish's prestigious Neddy Award in 2012, has worked with Fleet Foxes, Earth, and is an all around local treasure. Feast on the video above.

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