Gold Bar Keeps On Being the Craziest Place in Washington; Now It’s Cockfighting

Back in January, you may recall, Seattle Weekly did a big takeout on Gold Bar, titled Mountain Meltdown. The story delved into what a madcap place is this nutty as a fruit cake hamlet (pop. 2,071) in the Cascade foothills.

As we wrote:

“Spreading mean-spirited gossip is a blood sport here, but Gold Bar’s frictions go well beyond that. Residents and elected officials openly slander one another. The former mayor, Crystal Hill, has been called an “adulteress.” The town’s feisty and much-feared watchdog, Anne Block, has in her cantankerous Gold Bar Reporter blog compared this Cascade foothills community to ‘a religious fundamentalist town in Iran,’ and has referred to local officials as ‘evil people,’ ‘promiscuous,’ and ‘wife-beaters.’

An ex-city councilman allegedly called Block a ‘Jewish bitch,’ a crudity repeated often by Block’s detractors. Moreover, longtime resident Dorothy Croshaw says Block’s ‘a wacko,’ and a rival online publication, the Sky Valley Chronicle, has written that she’s ‘a few French fries short of a happy meal.’”

Hell, seems everyone is a few fries short of a happy meal in this Skykomish Valley burb.

The latest proof: A Gold Bar man who posed for pictures with roosters he was allegedly training to cockfight.

As the Everett Herald reports today, citing court papers filed in Snohomish County Superior Court, investigation unearthed photo of Juan Carlos Gomez Fierros, 31, with fighting fowl along with “59 roosters, a cockfighting arena in the garage and a freshly dug pit where the losing roosters ended up.”

In November 2011, police officers from all over the county swooped in on the Gold Bar property, where dozens of people were at the scene of the crime. Some raced into the woods. In the end, 17 of them were arrested.

Just another day in Gold Bar, where residents often cry fowl.

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