And The Rockets Red Glare -- Sorry, Not This Year

The show won’t go on. It’s all over. The fireworks have been canceled. Last night at midnight was the fundraising deadline. One Reel, the nonprofilt producer of special events needed $500,000 to put on “The Family Fourth at Lake Union,” and ended up with a miserly $50,000.

One Reel’s Aubry Bergauer told The Daily Weekly this morning, “No, it’s a done deal now. There won’t be fireworks this year. We tried to be as clear and as transparent as possible.”

Bergauer, the marketing director, added, “We spent nine months working behind the scenes to try and raise the money...People say they love the event, but they are reluctant to back that up [with money].”

There was a time when the Indpendence Day gala was bankrolled by corporate sponsors, but those days are gone. The last time it happened was in 2009 when Chase stepped forward with the big check. The year before it was Washington Mutual. When the event was in serious jeopardy in 2010, KIRO’s Dave Ross and chef Tom Douglas spearheaded a fundraising effort to save the show.

“There are not a lot of businesses who want to write a check like this, and basically make a gift to the community,” Bergaurer said.

Surely, though, some sugar daddy will provide an 11th hour reprieve, yes?

“No, not this year,” Bergauer said.

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