Amanda Knox: Prisoner of Sex; A Preview of Her Tell-All Book

Amanda Knox’s tell-all bombshell, Waiting to Be Heard, set to land in bookstores in two weeks, promises to be brimming with spicy tales of prison guards salivating at the thought of having sex with the young American student. There’s also the sordid saga of a female inmate who repeatedly offered to start a lesbian affair with Knox soon after her arrival at the Capanne Prison in Italy.

All in all, hot stuff from the woman who beat the murder rap, spent four years in the slammer, and was finally acquitted. And now, after two years of silence, Knox is poised at long last to present her version of events, thanks to a $4 million publishing deal with HarperCollins and a prime-time special with Diane Sawyer planned for April 30.

The British tabloid The Daily Mail is out today with a racy preview of the book .

Where to begin.

In the much-anticipated 400-page memoir, Knox, 25, writes that she the victims of relentless sexual harassment at the hands of a vile senior prison guard and fellow female inmates. Knox claims that guard Raffaele Argiro was obsessed with the topic of sex and would summon her for “chit chats” alone in his office at night.

"He was fixed on the topic of sex – who I’d done it with, how I liked it .  .  . if I would like to do it with him. I was so surprised and scandalized by his provocations that sometimes I thought I hadn’t understood the things he said to me. When I realized he wanted to talk about sex, I would try to change the subject.”

Argiro has denied the allegations.

Daily Mail reporter Bob Graham, however, writes that he spoke with Argiro many times and that he admitted he had talked about sex with Knox, but that it was she who initiated the conservation, “and it was always she who started talking about sex.”

Knox also relays how soon after her arrival at the jail, she was told, falsely, that she was HIV-positive.

Currently, Knox is taking classes at the University of Washington. Her focus: creative writing.

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