Baby Boy Born in Front Seat of Lexus Thanks to Seattle Traffic

Traffic in Seattle sucks. Last Tuesday it caused mayoral candidate Peter Steinbrueck to be 15 minutes late to the CityClub debate at the Seattle Library. But that was nothing. This morning, according to a blog post by the Seattle PI’s Lynsi Burton, crappy rush-hour traffic led to a baby boy being born in the front seat of a Lexus at East Yesler Way and Boren Avenue.

The important news, according to the PI and Seattle Fire Department spokesperson Kyle Moore, is mom and baby are healthy. No word on how the front seat of the Lexus fared.

According to the PI’s account, at about 8:15 a.m. mom and dad were en route to Swedish Medical Center when they got caught in traffic. Sensing they wouldn’t make it, the couple pulled over and called 911. Not long later, an off-duty nurse saw what was happening and offered assistance. The PI reports, “The baby was born by the time medics arrived.”

Apparently the baby boy is the couple’s second child.

Welcome to Seattle, kid.

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