Inslee Handed Out Raises to Some Cabinet Members

Over the last few years a pay raise has been an increasingly difficult thing to come by for many Washingtonians. But, according to a report by Northwest Public Radio’s Austin Jenkins, several members of Governor Jay Inslee’s cabinet have seen their positions receive pay boosts since the new governor took office.

According to Jenkins’ report, the largest pay raise was doled out to the director of Department of Licensing, Pat Kohler. Kohler, who brings in $141,000 per year, earns 17 percent more than her predecessor.

Jenkins also reports that the second biggest pay hike went to the director of Washington’s Health Care Authority, Dorothy Frost Teeter, who makes nearly $152,000 per year. As Jenkins lays out, that represents a 15 percent raise for the position, “to the top of the allowed salary range.”

All together, according to Jenkins, the raises “add up to nearly $100,000 over the course of a year.”

You can read Jenkins full story here, which includes comment from Inslee spokesperson David Postman.

As Brad Shannon of the Olympian notes:

Most state employees by contrast have just seen 3 percent reductions in pay and hours end in June, giving some what may feel like a small raise. Roughly a third of general-government workers are receiving step pay increases based on years in the job this year, and most workers also stand to earn 1 percent cost of living raises in July 2013 if rising state revenue collections hit certain targets.

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