‘Judeo-Christian Law Firm’ Sues to Get Faces of Terror Back on Buses

A group that really hates Islamic terrorists (as opposed to everyone else in this country) is suing King County Metro for refusing to run a bus ad depicting mug shots of America’s 16 most wanted terrorists in world.

The ad form the American Freedom Law Center (self-identified as a Judeo-Christian law firm) is almost identical to a bus ad that the FBI was running on Metro buses this spring before they were pulled under protest that it stigmatized Muslims; nearly all the men shown appear to be from predominantly Muslim regions.

According to AFLC, pulling the ad amounted to America’s “incessant desire to appease Islamic terrorist apologists.” They tried to run their ad reasoning that “if the government won’t identify our enemy, we will make certain our clients can.”

However, according to AFLC’s lawsuit, the private firm in charge of running Metro’s ad program in August said, “No dice.”

In an email included in the lawsuit, the firm, Titan Outdoor, cited Metro’s policy against ads that are “False and Misleading,” “Demeaning or Disparaging,” and “Harmful or Disruptive to the Metro Transit System” are cited in rejecting the ad.

Among other things, AFLC claims that rejecting the ad violates its 14 amendment rights, which guarantees citizens equal protection under the law and due process.

Speaking of due process, did you hear about the 16-year-old American citizen our government -- love for Islamic terror aside -- killed in a drone strike in 2010?

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