KOMO: Wannabe Cops Caught Cheating

According to KOMO Newsradio, a cheating scandal has rocked the state’s police academy. Sue Rahr, executive director of the Basic Law Enforcement Academy in Burien, tells KOMO that current recruits have been caught circulating exam questions and answers on “illicit computer thumb drives,” saying that the agency’s testing process “has been compromised” in the process. Past recruits may also be guilty of cheating, according to Rahr.

“I’m disappointed and very surprised that our recruits would do this,” Rahr tells KOMO. “It’s a breach of public trust, and we’re going to have to work very hard to restore that trust.”

According to KOMO, an internal investigation was launched after two current recruits came forward and exposed the cheating. Rahr tells the station that two of the three current classes shared the test answers, and that past recruits may have also engaged in the practice. Not surprisingly, all academy tests will immediately be rewritten.

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