Fantagraphics Asks Fans For Help With 2014 Spring Season Kickstarter

Tragically last June, local comix superpower Fantagraphics experienced the loss of co-founder Kim Thompson when he died of lung cancer.

Beyond suffering a personal loss, Thomspon’s death also left the company scrambling on the business end of things. Thompson was largely responsible for translating and editing many of the comic book publisher’s European titles.

Because of his illness and subsequent passing, a total of 13 titles for the spring-summer collection had to be postponed or cancelled, which resulted in a major financial dent for the company.

Now Fantagraphics is asking for fans’ help to resuscitate that loss with a Kickstarter that will jumpstart the publisher’s 2014 spring season, a total of 39 books. Those include the 10th anniversary anthology of Daniel Clowes Eightball, and the first Fantagraphics release from Melbourne based artist Simon Hanselmann’s wonderfully illustrated Megahex , about a witch, owl, and cat who live together and smoke a lot of pot. Fantagraphics are already almost 1/3 of the way to their $150,000 goal.

With a $30-$40 donation, you can pre-order any one of the 39 book lineup, which you can take a peek at over here.

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