Bitcoin Will Buy You 660-Acres of Lakefront Real Estate in Idaho

Four years ago, developers tried to build a giant French-themed luxury housing complex with a golf course on this Lake Coeur d'Alene property, overlooking Moscow Bay in Idaho.

Well, that didn't end up working. So now the owners of the 660 acre parcel are looking to sell the land. And they want you to pay them in bitcoins, according to the CDA Press.

Alan Golub, who works at the nearby Kootenai Technical Education Campus and is one of the owners of the property, flew down to Miami for the North American Bitcoin Conference this January.

He became a quick fan of the cryptocurrency, which will soon be available in ATMs in Seattle, a first for the United States.

Golub, looking to capitalize on the Idaho economy's loose government regulation, is asking potential buyers to pay him in Bitcoin in the hopes that Idaho becomes something of a Bitcoin state. He will be listing the parcel on, a Bitcoin marketplace website due to debut in the coming weeks.

How much will the property go for? It's unclear now, but Golub bought his 50 acre portion of the 660 acre parcel for sale in the package for $1.4 million, which currently equals out to 2,248.09 bitcoins.

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