WATCH: The New Mariners Commercials Are Out

Throughout the years, a fresh batch of Mariners television commercials every season has become a tradition - something to look forward to in the face of the futility that has so often taken the field at Safeco. The marketing effort is brilliant: The ads are usually funny, always endearing, and - this year, for example - make it a whole lot harder to hate Kyle Seager for batting .250 when you know he’s so old school he tweets from a typewriter. The Mariners have produced over a hundred commercials since 1994, and they’ve got a league-wide reputation for awesomeness at this point (something the front office should strive for). Basically, the commercials are good enough that hacks like me post them to the blog free of charge.

Lo and behold: The Mariners officially released the 2014 television commercial campaign today - five spots designed to amuse, and more importantly pique interest and fill ballpark seats. The slow-mo Robinson Cano ad is solid work, and - as mentioned - the Kyle Seager “old school” ad is perhaps the best of the bunch. Meanwhile, the “Chadwick” ad is about as inspiring as Justin Smoak, but nobody bats 1.000.

Check them out below:

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