Summer Guide: What Does Summer Mean To Seattleites?

Summer is a time where we all relax, take a deep breath and enjoy some desperately needed vitamin D. Though, it feels like a change in season in Seattle is almost a quantum leap into summer rather than a fun lazy stroll. The energy this city takes on is like a swarm of bumblebees buzzing around a nest, so full of excitement we can hardly contain ourselves. We burst forth from our caves of winter donning short shorts, flip flops and a little suntan lotion (or maybe a lot, sunburns seem to be plentiful in the Emerald City). Then again, summer means all kinds of things to all kinds of people, like yoga paddle-boarding or hiking, baseball or barbecuing. We set out to discover what summer means to some of our favorite Seattleites including filmmaker Megan Griffiths, Jeopardy! winner Ken Jennings, Cartoonist Matt Inman, and KEXP Audioasis host Sharlese Metcalf.

Photos by Morgen Schuler

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