Woman Eating Cat Food In Kennewick (For A Cause)

Is it shocking that there’s a lady in Kennewick who eats cat food? Probably not. But it might be shocking to hear there’s a woman in Kennewick eating cat food for a cause.

According to the Associated Press, Dorothy Hunter - the owner of Paw’s Natural Pet Emporium stores in Richland and Kennewick - plans to eat only dog, cat and bird food for an entire month. Hunter hopes to prove the natural pet food’s nutritional value, with the AP reporting that if the pet store owner “can’t eat it, she won’t sell it.” It appears the Tri-City Herald broke this important story, noting that Hunter started her month-long pet food binge on June 19.

So what, exactly, is Hunter munching on this month? According to the AP:

Her favorites are Tiki Cat brand chicken, which she eats straight from the can. She also likes Natural Balance dry kibble and, for a treat, dehydrated green beans.


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