Three Things We’ll Always Remember About Heat Wave 2014

Look, we get it. People from other parts of the country think it’s stupid when Seattleites complain about the heat. And they have a point. Anytime it gets above 80 degrees in western Washington, the bitching and moaning is almost as insufferable as the temperature. Surely, to someone who’s survived summer in almost any other part of the country, the collective whining has to be downright comical. As we write this, for instance, it’s 98 degrees in Abilene, Texas. Ninety-eight degrees in Abilene, Texas, has to be as close to Hell as it gets.

Still, there’s no denying it’s been crazy hot in Seattle—for an agonizingly long time. And the sweat stains haven’t been pretty. Judging by the hype, it seems certain we’ll always remember Heat Wave 2014—and the events that marked it. Such as . . .

The Supermoon Holy crap! Did you catch a look at the moon last weekend? It was freakin’ huge. And so super! Well done, moon! You almost made us forget how terribly hot it is . . . at least for a minute.
The Sunset Ha! You didn’t think the sun was going to let the moon outdo it, did you? Not a chance. Judging by the reaction on our Facebook feed, Sunday night’s sunset was easily an All-Time Top Five Sunset. Meteorologists explain that we have mid-level clouds, a large amount of virga (or rainfall that doesn’t reach the ground), and some added particulates from the wildfires burning in Eastern Washington to thank for the show—a rare combination in the sky that Cliff Mass compares to “winning the Trifect at a horse race.”
The Cat in Sunglasses Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s office really cares about you, and Heat Wave 2014 has made that clear. If you’re an old person, the Mayor’s Office has urged people to check on you. If you’re thirsty, the Mayor’s Office has urged you to drink plenty of fluids. If you’re a dog, child, or person “with mobility challenges,” the Mayor’s Office has urged people to avoid leaving you in parked cars. And if you’re just an average citizen sticking to a vinyl seat? Well, Ed Murray’s office has tweeted a GIF of a cat wearing sunglasses for you. Why? Because, when things get really hot, Ed Murray knows proper hydration and paying staffers to tweet cat GIFs can make all the difference. It just makes sense.

Photo Credits: Adapted from icons from
The Noun Project collection: "Moon" by Sebastian Langer, "Sun" by Adam Whitcroft, "Cat" by Martin LEBRETON

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