Sawant Lands Tom Morello/Serj Tankian ‘Axis of Justice’ Endorsement

Recently it seems like The Daily Weekly has reported on nothing but local political endorsements. Whether it’s the Professional & Technical Employees Local 17 endorsement of Mike McGinn this morning, or Peter Steinbrueck’s mom endorsing mayoral challenger Ed Murray yesterday, the endorsement beat has been relentless of late.

And it only continues ...

Yesterday, Axis of Justice - a nonprofit social justice organization (and website) founded by former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello and System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian - published an editorial in support of Seattle’s own Kshama Sawant, the Socialist Alternative candidate gunning for the City Council seat currently held by four-term incumbent Richard Conlin. (For the record, the post also stumps for Minneapolis City Council hopeful Ty Moore, who’s also a Socialist Alternative candidate.)

On Twitter, the Sawant campaign is considering the editorial an endorsement, so we will too (if for no other reason than to meet or endorsement-related post quota for the day).

As Axis of Justice writes:

Both Ty and Kshama haven’t just “talked the talk”. They’ve walked the walk, getting arrested with striking workers and with homeowners blockading evictions carried out by the big banks and cops. If elected, Ty and Kshama will both take only the wage of an average worker, giving the rest of their salaries to social justice movements.

Backing up the fast food worker strikes, both Ty and Kshama have raised the demand for a $15 an hour minimum wage and the right to form a union. A victory for either one of these candidates would be a historic step forward ...

The post goes on to solicit donations for Sawant and Moore.

Sources tell The Daily Weekly that Conlin is hoping to counter Sawant’s Morello/Tankian Axis of Justice endorsement by seizing the coveted Kenny G/Nickelback “Axis of Terrible” endorsement.

In all seriousness, Sawant explained to Seattle Weekly during the reporting of our recent profile on her that she does indeed plan to take only the average Seattle worker’s salary if elected. A Seattle City Council member earns $117,000 a year, but Sawant says she’ll only take the “estimated average or per capita income in Seattle” of close to $40,000, and will donate the rest to “help build social justice movements.” Though it didn’t end up making our profile, when asked for examples of where the extra salary might go, Sawant told us: “Exactly where and how will depend on social and political events at a given moment. But examples might include to help advance (a) a citywide movement to demand a $15/hour minimum wage, (b) struggles of unionized or non-unionized workers on strike for decent pay and better working conditions, (c) struggles for women’s reproductive rights and to advocate for social services for women in relation to child care and dealing with domestic violence, (d) an across-city mass movement, in solidarity with native American communities, to ensure Cherry Point coal terminal is not built.”

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