Woman In Wheelchair Robbed of iPad Twice In 10 Days; Same ‘Awful’ Teen Suspected

Anyone needing further proof of civilization’s rapid decline need look no further than North Seattle today. It’s there, according to the Seattle Police Department, where an “awful” teen has now stolen an iPad from a woman in a wheelchair ... not once but twice in 10 days.

As SPD’s Jonah Spangenthal-Lee writes on the SPD Blotter blog, police were first called to the woman’s North Seattle apartment Oct. 13, where she reported that a teen had ran up behind her, nabbed her iPad Mini, and taken off. The robbery happened around 8 p.m., and unfortunately police weren’t able to track down the suspect.

Then, last night, it happened again.

According to the Blotter blog:

Just before 11:30 last night, the woman again called police and said she had just been robbed by the same teen. Just like before, the woman said she was sitting outside her building when the teen approached her, wrestled her new iPad Mini away from her, and ran off.

The woman told officers she believes it was the same teen in both cases, but could only describe him as a black male, 18 or 19 years old, wearing a black cap, black jacket and black pants.

While it’s always important for the media to note that all accusations, until proven in court, are alleged, Spangenthal-Lee makes the editorial decision to describe the suspected teen robber as “awful” in both the headline of the Blotter blog post and in the first sentence. If the accusations are true, we couldn’t agree with him more.

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