Port of Seattle Finds Severed Human Foot in a Shoe, the 15th in Ongoing 'Salish Sea Foot Mystery'

Above: Four out of the eleven Canadian shoes with severed feet inside that have washed ashore from the Salish since 2007. Today's foot is the fourth found in Washington State.

The legend of the Salish Sea Severed Foot Mystery continued today when Port of Seattle authorities discovered a human foot inside of a shoe near Pier 86 on Seattle's waterfront.

If the discovery seems a little out of sorts, at this point, it's actually par for the course. Since 2007, people in coastal British Columbia and Washington have been discovering a spookily high number of severed human feet inside of shoes washed ashore from the Salish Sea. Today's foot is actually the 15th in the ongoing bizarre phenomenon, which you can read more about in its meticulously detailed Wikipedia page here. Some of the feet have been identified as belonging to suicide jumpers and missing persons. Two left feet have even been reunited with their two disembodied right feet. The majority of the incidents remain unresolved.

Theories on the source of the other feet range from oceanside plane crashes to Asian tsunamis. The discoveries inspired the season six episode of Bones, "The Feet on the Beach." Move over D.B. Cooper. The Northwest has a new unsolved mystery. Check out our very own Rick Anderson's 2008 plunge into this foot-filled X-Files case here.

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