Hey Seattle City Council! Bet You’re Jealous of The Tacoma Council’s New TV Intro!

I don’t need to stoke the flames of the Tacoma vs. Seattle rivalry. It’s long-standing. Tacoma kind of hates Seattle. And Seattle could usually care less about Tacoma. It’s really a classic dynamic.

Say what you will about T-Town, but the Internet brings confirmation this morning that Tacoma just owned Seattle in one very important department ...

The televised council intro department, to be precise.

Yes, the Tacoma City Council just unleashed a bad-ass new dais walk-up jam, which, according to Tacoma’s Exit133 blog, debuted this week. A power combo of Super Friends gusto and small-time elected official idolatry, it’s safe to say the new Tacoma City Council intro sets a pretty high public-television bar.

Bottom line: It’s a game-changer.

Check it:

Now check out the the Seattle City Council's weak intro and tell me you're not a little embarassed. Is Burgess’ mic even on? Get it together, Seattle.

Author’s Note: I’m sure Tacoma will figure out how to get that Windows navigation bar off the screen at some point.

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