Las Vegas Shooting Spree Suspect Jerad Miller Has Kennewick Ties

Jerad Miller’s Facebook page says he graduated from Kennewick High School. While that fact may not have been very noteworthy last week, in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting rampage that left two police officers and one innocent citizen dead over the weekend, which Miller is accused of engineering with his wife Amanada, it’s enough to shine a spotlight east of the mountains.

According to KVEW TV in the Tri-Cities:

The Kennewick School District confirms one of the suspects in the Las Vegas shooting that claimed the lives of two Las Vegas Police officers was once a student at Kennewick High School.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirms the two suspects in the shooting are married couple Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller.

Jerad attended Kennewick High School the second semester on his freshman year in 1999.

It’s not clear when Jerad moved out of the Tri-Cities but he does have a criminal record in Benton County.

In February 2001 he was convicted of third-degree theft and later that year in June, he was convicted of third-degree malicious mischief.

In April of 2002, he was found guilty of assault with intent to cause injury and later that year in August, Jerad was convicted of obstructing a public officer and DUI.

Kennewick High School is the only place Jerad Miller apparently has ties to. According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill - who has said that law enforcement officials believe the Millers “equated government ... with Nazis” - Jerad was recently a visitor to Cliven Bundy’s ranch. According to McMahill, Miller was kicked off the ranch “because of his criminal history and background,” as noted by the Huffington Post.

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