Who Is Aaron Goldsmith?

In this week’s feature story I profile Aaron Goldsmith, the new voice in the Mariners’ broadcast booth. After a two-year void following Dave Niehaus’ passing, Goldsmith was hired away from the Pawtucket Red Sox of Triple-A this year and now joins Rick Rizzs as part of the Mariners’ radio broadcast team.

Sadly, one aspect of Goldsmith’s personality that I didn’t have time to delve into in the feature article was his taste in music, and specifically his affinity for a certain pop star.

At 29, Goldsmith’s got the Twitter prowess to prove it – one of the reasons M’s Senior Vice President of Communications Randy Adamack says the Mariners hired him. Upon hearing that the M’s had an interest in him, Goldsmith says the first thing he did – after a brief moment of celebration – was adjust his Twitter bio. The line “Katy Perry enthusiast,” he suddenly thought, might not help.

“I don’t necessarily hide my love of Katy Perry,” says Goldsmith when confronted on the matter. “But I wanted to wait a little while before people knew I have the musical taste of a 14-year-old girl.”

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