Seattle To Get Blazing Fast Cat Videos/Porn (aka Internet)

Cat videos, anime porn and – hopefully – business innovation are about to get “blazing” fast in Seattle. Thanks to a partnership announced in December between the City of Seattle, the University of Washington and Washington DC-based broadband developer Gigabit Squared, today we got our first peak of what the crazy-fast gigabit internet service utilizing Seattle’s excess fiber capacity will look like – and, perhaps more importantly, how much it will cost.

Of the speeds and residential rates, which were unveiled this morning, GeekWire writes: “There will be three pricing tiers. In terms of speed, Plan A is like a Ford Focus, Plan B is a BMW while Plan C is the Ferrari.” Capitol Hill and the University District will be the first of 14 “demonstration areas” where the service will be available, with the expected launch coming in early 2014. According to GeekWire, by the end of 2014 each of the 14 “demonstration areas” - equating to about 100,000 homes – will have access to the gigabit network.

Plan A will offer 5 Mbps download speed and 1 Mpbs uploads for a $350 installation fee with no monthly charge for five years. Plan B will offer 100 Mbps download speeds and 100 Mbps upload speeds for $45 a month. And Plan C will offer 1000 Mbps download speeds and 1000 Mbps upload speeds for $80 a month. There are no installation costs for Plan B or Plan C.

“We’re one step closer to bringing gigabit speed broadband to Seattle. Excited to see how residents & businesses can innovate with this,” Mayor McGinn said in a tweet to followers this morning.

As announced in a press release from the mayor’s office in December, the plan leverages “the City of Seattle’s excess fiber capacity, the expertise of Gigabit Squared, and the community leadership of The University of Washington, aims to stimulate business opportunities, spur advancements in health care, education, and public safety, and enhance quality of life for the residents and businesses of Seattle.”

“We believe Seattle is ready for this innovation, and they clearly asking for it,” Gigabit President Mark Ansboury tells GeekWire. He adds that his company will spend $50 million on deployment in Seattle.

You can find the full GeekWire rundown here.

And here’s some hype from the Mayor’s Office.

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