David Ishii's Batshit Crazy (?)/Hilariously Satirical (?) Candidate Statement

My voter's guide arrived in the mail today, and David Ishii's candidate statement is something to behold. I took a picture of it, to the right, and have transcribed the text. If you'll remember, Ishii originally said he was running for mayor, with his major policy stance being that he was related to Bruce Harrell. He's later dropped out of that race and took on Mike O'Brien for city council.

I'll let you decide whether he's crazy or a wonderful satirist.
To quote Ellis E. Conklin: Look away now, children, look away.

David Ishi
Purdy Seattle Purdy Lean Purdy Clean

  • - Seattle's Own Public Search Engine
  • - Pay Per Click GaaZillions Revenue To the City
  • - Education Roads Parks and Rec.
  • - Increase Tourism Dollars Money to Burn
  • - Trickle Down Economy ? Hum
  • - Grand Coulee Has Just Opened
  • - Tough On Crime and Corruption Who Says You Can't Change City Hall ?
  • - D.A.R.E. To Say No On Drugs We Don't Want It In Our Schools
  • - Absolutely Not In Our Back Yards
  • - Tear Down The Fabric Of Our Communities
  • - No Revolving Gates Want to Learn A New Trade
  • - License Plates
  • - T.V. Ratings Reality Show Name CITY HALL
  • - Vietnam Era Vet I Have Been A Few Places Around the World Seen A Lot
  • - Secret To Seattle's Success Voters
  • - Einstein's Theory Get Things Done
  • - Ishii=MC2
  • - Who's the Genius Now?
  • - What Can David Do For You?
  • - Million Billion Gaazillion


David Ishii

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