#SteinbrueckFacts: Sonics Fans Direct Their Ire at Peter

Earlier this week I noted some well-known Sonics fans that have jumped on the Mike McGinn Reelection Bandwagon thanks to the incumbent’s role in securing a SoDo arena deal. Sonicsgate producer Adam Brown and Kris “Sonics Guy” Brannon or just a couple of the familiar faces stumping for the mayor in the days leading up to the Aug. 6 primary.

Last night, however, some area basketball fans took a different approach in throwing their voice into the mayoral fracas, choosing to tear a candidate down for his stance on the SoDo arena instead of propping up McGinn for his.

On Twitter, candidate Peter Steinbrueck was in the crosshairs, the subject of the fairly hilarious hashtag campaign #SteinbrueckFacts. With help from Seattle Weekly’s 2012 “Best Seattle Sports Twitter Follow” Alex Akita of SeattleSportsNet.com, fans from far and wide took jabs at Steinbrueck for his onetime lobbying role with the port, his belief that SoDo isn’t the right place to build a new arena, and a bunch of other shit that while not based in reality, was pretty damn funny.

A sampling:

“Pete Steinbrueck does think that dress makes you look fat. #SteinbrueckFacts”

“Pete Steinbrueck goes to the pound, adopts those sad-looking pets you see in ASPCA ads, then takes them back THE NEXT DAY. #SteinbrueckFacts”

“Pete Steinbrueck thinks the Oregon Ducks need more uniforms. #SteinbrueckFacts”

“Peter Steinbrueck wished he’d lived in that town from Footloose, before Kevin Bacon ruined it. #SteinbrueckFacts”

Asked earlier this week how the SoDo arena issue would impact the Aug. 6 primary, the Steinbrueck campaign was adamant that he supports a return of NBA basketball to Seattle, but firmly believes SoDo is the wrong place for an arena. The campaign also believes, “Support for locating the arena in the SODO has waned,” according to Steinbrueck campaign spokesperson Kathy Mulady.

“McGinn’s planned location for the arena, in the SODO area, will put good-paying industrial and maritime jobs at risk and will slow freight mobility. It is simply wrong and voters understand that,” says Mulady. “We can find a place for the new arena. We can’t move the port.

“It seems like other issues, such as finding a police chief, reforming the police department, transportation and fixing streets, safe, healthy neighborhoods, cleaning the Duwamish and protecting air quality, stronger schools and early education, for example, have surfaced as issues voters are concerned about right now.”

That might be true, but it wasn’t last night on Twitter.

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