Bizarre Sex Assault Reported at Seattle Church

According to Seattle Police a 37-year-old registered sex offender interrupted a Sunday-morning service at a church in the 400 block of Yale Ave N by twice assaulting a 25-year-old female victim. As SPD Detective Renee Witt details on the Blotter blog, the male suspect is accused of twice lifting the skirt of his victim, escalating his attack on the second creepy endeavor. After the first encounter the victim’s male relatives escorted the suspect out of the church, but Witt says the man was able to sneak back into the church through a side entrance and “again lifted up her skirt but this time he sexually assaulted the woman.” The reported crime took place at approximately 9:30 Sunday morning, according to police.

From the Blotter blog:

... The row that the victim was in stood up and when they did the suspect reached over and lifted the victim’s skirt to look underneath.

The victim did not know what had happened. However, several of the victim’s relatives saw this and immediately escorted the suspect out through the front of the church. Before the relatives could return to the church, the suspect slipped back into the church through a side door.

The suspect went over and immediately sat next to the victim and once again lifted up her skirt but this time he sexually assaulted the woman. The victim was able to get away from the suspect and the victim’s male relatives returned to the suspect and this time held him for police.

According to police, when officers responded the suspect told them he has mental health issues and is currently on medication. Police also discovered the suspect is a registered sex offender - with the Seattle Times reporting the man is a Level Two offender. Witt says the man was booked into King County Jail on investigation of rape. According to the Times, Witt described the incident as “one of the most bizarre she’s heard of in her 20 years in law enforcement.”

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