Seattle Makes Forbes’ List of Inventive Cities

Yay inventions! Yay lists!

Two of our favorite things collided this month when Forbes released its list of the World’s Most Inventive Cities.

Even better: Seattle made the cut, coming in at number 13. Though the Emerald City was bested by the likes of San Diego, San Francisco, Boston and the top city on the list, Eindhoven, Netherlands, we totally beat out Raleigh, North Carolina and Copenhagen, Denmark. (Yes, the list was only a top 15 effort.)

How were the cities judged? It all comes down to what’s known as “patent intensity,” or - in other words - the number of patents produced for every 10,000 residents. Eindhoven boasts an astonishing 22.58 patents per 10,000 residents - which is far and away the highest total in the world, according to Forbes. Seattle, meanwhile registers a more modest 4.25 patents per 10,000 residents, compared to the 8.95 of San Diego (the second city on the list) the 7.57 of San Francisco (third), and the 5.8 of Boston (eighth). But don’t feel too bad, as those slackers in Copenhagen only pump out 3.75.

You can check out the full Forbes list here.

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