Actual Things Overheard at the Macklemore Video Shoot

When I say everyone and their mother was at the Macklemore video shoot for “White Walls” last night, I’m not trying to be cute. I literally mean it. Most of the people there were accompanied by their parents.

Hordes of screaming teenage girls joined in the thousand strong Macklemob that assembled outside of Dick’s Burgers on Broadway Wednesday night to catch a glimpse of Seattle’s biggest rapper. Joining in the throng were a healthy heaping of drunk bros, stoned dudes in basketball jerseys, and ladies wearing some variation on a fur coat draped over a bikini. People climbed trees and sat precariously on the light rail construction wall, most with beer in hand.

By 8 o’clock, the time the rumor mill claimed the shoot would begin, the stretch of Broadway was cordoned off by very anxious looking police. The Macklemob had grown incredibly dense and excitable.

Two men who vaguely looked like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (closely cropped hair, well-built) suddenly appeared on the rooftop ledge of the apartments behind Dick’s around 8:30. They had a brief chat, and then with shit-eating grins, proceeded to flash the mob below a peace sign.

“MACKLEMORE! MACKLEMORE!” The crowd erupted, cheering wildly.

The false Macklemore and Ryan Lewis high fived before disappearing back into the apartment.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis didn’t show until after 10 o’clock, when the two appeared in a Cadillac and drove up and down the street repeatedly for about 45 minutes for a shot. By nightfall, they began shooting the rumored rooftop Dick’s scene, with the crowd screaming along to the song.

Below are actual things I overheard at the shoot:

Woman on the balcony of The Highline: I thought there was a protest going on. You know, I see a bunch of cops and some kids, and I immediately think: protest. Instead I just see some dudes ghost riding the whip up and down the street over and over.

Man on the phone: ...and there he was, Macklemore, just rollin’ down the street, and all these teenagers are just ready to rip off their tops... nah man, I ain’t jealous. That’s sick dude, they are all like, 13.

Woman sitting on ledge yelling at boyfriend: I’m not gonna sit here for three fucking hours in front of a shitty hamburger place just for some guy to grace me with his presence. I’m leaving in the next ten minutes if this guy doesn’t show up.

Little girl to father: When I grow up, can I be Macklemore?

Father to little girl: *Sighs* Well. He’s driving up and down the street a lot right now, and you won’t have a license for a long while now, sweetie.

Man in tank top and flip flops: Hey dude, we are running low on Bud Light Lime. I’m not about to be at this video shoot without a lot more of it, so I’ll be right back.

Man’s friend, also in tank top and flip flops: Oh man, I just rolled a spliff though. We can chill a second longer if you want.

Teenage girl 1: It’s so crazy how many fans Mack LeMoore has.

Teenage girl 2: Uhh, it’s pronounced Macklemore. Oh my god, you are so awkward.

Teenage girl 1: Ugh, whatever, I was just trying to make a point. Jeez.

Man with fauxhawk: I don’t mean to sound like a hipster, but I prefer Macklemore’s earlier records to the new one.

Woman sitting on ledge of light rail construction wall talking to passerby: Nah, I’m not worried about falling in. But this drunk guy fell in the pit just now and is walking around. *Looks Down* Haha, someone is yelling at him in there. They look really angry.

Photos by Chona Kasinger and Kelton Sears

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