Miss Your Hempfest Doritos? eBay Has You Covered

Sadly, I was out of town last week when the Hempfest Doritos story broke. As we all know by now, the opportunistic folks over at SPD pounced on the annual pot extravaganza to get the word out about the do’s and dont’s of smoking weed in Seattle - putting informative stickers on bags of Doritos and handing them out to red-eyed revelers headed to Hempfest. The effort was dubbed “Operation Orange Fingers,” and by all accounts it was a smashing success.

How big of a hit was it? As KIRO Radio’s Josh Kearns detailed this afternoon, empty bags from Operation Orange Fingers are now going on eBay for as much as $53. As of Kearns’ post, 19 bids had been received on eight empty bags offered via eBay and seller “1952geezer” - while another seller was offering an unopened bag, with bids reaching $41.

As Kearns also notes, SPD is offering a printable version of its famous Doritos sticker on the Blotter blog, under the headline “How To Be All That and a Bag of Chips In Four Easy Steps.” Penned by Jonah Spangenthal-Lee, the man who brought you SPD’s “Marijwhatnow” post, step one reads: “Purchase your bagged snack of choice——Doritos, pork rinds, anything but Bugles.”

What does SPD have against Bugles?

“I’ll just say this,” replies Spangenthal-Lee via email, “some wise sage on Twitter said that eating Bugles is like eating salty cereal.”

Hard to argue with that.

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