McDermott: We’re Waiting For Republicans to Figure Out “They Fucking Lost”

Rep. Jim McDermott, whom 81.2 percent of Seattle can take credit for sending to Congress, has finally done the right thing and started dropping fuck-bombs into the government shutdown debate.

As first picked up over at Publicola, McDermott told Slate that Democrats have been trained in the tactics of the Republicans since Sept. 11.

“Dealing with terrorists has taught us some things,” McDermott said on Thursday (the quote is found at the end of the story). “You can’t deal with ’em. This mess was created by the Republicans for one purpose, and they lost. People in my district are calling in for Obamacare—affordable health care—in large numbers. These guys have lost, and they can’t figure out how to admit it. ...You can’t say, OK, you get half of Obamacare—this isn’t a Solomonic decision. So we sit here until they figure out they fuckin’ lost.

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